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Il mondo senza glutine

The trusted shop for those who never want to give up quality as well as taste and well-being.

Il Mondo Senza Glutine was born with one big goal, that is to make a wide range of gluten-free products from the best brands accessible to everyone, to facilitate the life of celiacs and more. Yes, because in the "Il Mondo Senza Glutine" shops you will find many products with particular attention to other intolerances, such as lactose, eggs or you can also find vegetarian and vegan products, in short, we try to please everyone. for the well-being of all.

Before, there were few businesses in Italy, if we consider the continuous increase in demand, which dealt exclusively with the sale of gluten-free foods. Probably, in most cases, these products were almost exclusively available in pharmacies. Now there is "Il Mondo Senza Glutine"!

Why settle for the small shop or pharmacy to find those few products, the essentials and at exaggerated prices? We asked ourselves this question and then we thought of creating a network of shops for the distribution of products intended for intolerant subjects (celiac and / or related diseases), in order to give these categories the opportunity to taste artisanal and genuine foods. The "Il Mondo Senza Glutine" network now covers the entire italian territory with dry, fresh and frozen products, of high quality and linked to the best brands including "Più Gusto Senza Glutine". In "Il Mondo Senza Glutine" brand shops it is possible to find  promotions, fast and assisted service and a dynamic and innovative environment; characteristics that have made the MSG brand a leader in this sector.

What are you waiting for? Look for the "Il Mondo Senza Glutine" shop closest to you and change your way of eating gluten free!

Il fornaio bakery

Bread, pizzas, hot croissants and much more, all freshly baked and gluten-free!

The "Il Fornaio" Formula was born thanks to the precious experience and skills acquired over the years in the GLUTEN FREE sector.

Our Mission ……. Offer the celiac, and the lactose intolerant, the opportunity to rediscover the pleasure of gluten-free freshly baked products, made with the highest quality raw materials and craftsmanship.

In our "IL FORNAIO" you will find a wide range of Gluten Free, Lactose Free and Vegan…

Every day you can enjoy: Bread in various formats, Croissants, pies, Pastry, Cakes, Rotisserie, Pizzas…. etc etc

A triumph of Flavors to eat even with the eyes 😊

Discover the numerous Affiliates who have chosen to revolutionize their business in a simple and effective way, drastically facing the competition.

Find the BAKERY BAKERY closest to you and let yourself be conquered 😊

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