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The business of our shops is based on an analytical activity on the food market; the excellence of the products of the Più Gusto brand and many other leading brands on the Italian market.

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With the expansion of gluten intolerance we have decided to create a network of shops for the distribution of products intended for intolerant subjects (celiacs and / or related diseases), in order to give these categories the opportunity to enjoy food handcrafted and genuine. The "Il Mondo senza Glutine" network now covers the entire national territory with high quality dry, fresh and frozen products linked to the best brands including "Più Gusto senza Glutine". In the "Il Mondo senza Glutine" shops it is possible to find promotions, fast and assisted service and a dynamic and innovative environment; characteristics that have made the Mondo Senza Glutine brand a leader in this sector. Request info without obligation!

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Il mondo senza glutine

Opening a shop will make you protagonists in the world of gluten free food, with more and more consumers in Italy and in the world

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Il Fornaio

Il fornaio

The revolution in your shop / pharmacy or your new business to beat the competition .. with the Fornaio Bakery, which includes the entire equipment for this novelty. Instant supply of freshly baked products: bread, croissants, in general all baked goods.

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Il Fornaio

Il Fornaio as a new business in 20sqm or within an existing business

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Integrated instrumentation: preparation and sales area. High quality manufacturing right from the start

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